4 Tips For Helping Your Preschooler Get To School On Time

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The routine and schedule of preschool can be an adjustment for both parents and kids. Getting your young child out the door on time can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Luckily, with a little planning and structure, you can help ensure calm, stress-free mornings and drop your child off at preschool in an un-harried manner. Here are four tips for helping your preschooler get to school on time in the morning:

Help Your Child Lay Out Clothes the Night Before

One of the biggest contributors to wasted time in the morning is figuring out what your child is going to wear. Instead of struggling with this, keep things simple by picking out their clothes the night before and laying them out neat and ready to put on. Some families find that pre-planning outfits for the week and setting each one in a cubby on a shelf labeled with the day of the week makes getting ready in the morning extra hassle-free.

You can make things even more stress-free by doing the same thing with their backpack, school supplies, and shoes. Don't forget to organize any homework, permission slips, or other paperwork and have it waiting in their backpack.

Make Lunches the Night Before

Scrambling to throw together your child's lunch at the last second is a guaranteed way to make your morning feel too rushed. Instead, get into the habit of packing their lunch the night before so all you have to do in the morning is grab it from the fridge. To get even more organized, plan ahead by scoping out kids' lunch ideas online and creating a menu for the week or month.

Make Sure They Get Enough Sleep

Preschoolers' growing bodies and brains need plenty of sleep. In fact, experts say they need 11-12 hours of sleep in any 24-hour period. This means making sure they get to bed plenty early and establishing a consistent bedtime routine. A well-rested child will wake up with the energy and good mood needed to quickly get through the morning routine without too much of a struggle.

Delegate Some Tasks

Delegating some tasks to your child is a great way to teach them responsibility and save time in the mornings. Having them brush their own teeth, get dressed, or simply gather their shoes and have them waiting by the door can make a big difference in how easy your mornings are.

By following these tips, you can look forward to easier and less stressful mornings for you and your preschooler. Contact a local school, such as Montessori School Of Salt Lake Inc, for more help.