3 Tips For Sending Your Toilet-Training Toddler To Preschool

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While many preschools require that your child be fully trained to use the toilet before their first day of enrollment, others will accept children who are still using disposable or cloth diapers. If your child starts preschool in diapers, they will eventually have to train to use the toilet at preschool. While the bulk of the training can be completed at home, sometimes in a single weekend, there are several things that you need to do to set your child up for successful toilet usage at school. 

Send Plenty Of Backups

Whether you do a single weekend of training or have been training at home for several weeks before you send your child to preschool without diapers, you should expect for there to be some accidents while your child is at school. At preschool, your child is likely to have more distractions than they have at home, making it more difficult for them to identify their need to use the toilet in time to prevent an accident. They also may have less one-on-one interaction, so preschool teachers may not always pick up on subtle cues that your child needs to urinate. 

It is important to send your child to school with several changes of underwear and pants during their toilet-training period. A few extra shirts can be useful, in case your child's wetness wicks up towards their shirt. You should also continue sending diapers to be used during naps and if your child is having a particularly difficult day with toilet-training. 

Make Sure Your Child's Teachers Are On-board With Your Methods

Every parent utilizes the method of toilet training that they think will work best for their child. Your child's teachers may or may not support your method for toilet training. For example, you may train your child by setting a timer and placing them on the toilet at regular intervals while your child's school may insist that your child give verbal signs that they need to use the toilet.

You should discuss your preschool's methods thoroughly. If you do not agree with them, you may want to train your child for an extended period at home in the evenings and on the weekends before sending them to school without diapers. 

Walk Your Child Through The Process At School 

Even if your child is comfortable at their preschool, they are probably most comfortable toilet training with you. The first day that you send your child to school without diapers, you should arrive early and walk them through the process of using the toilet at school. This will help make them more comfortable expressing their needs to their teachers. 

Toilet training is often a joint effort between parents and other care-givers. It is important that everyone involved knows what to expect and provides a consistent toilet routine for your child. 

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