You Only Have One Body, So Take Care Of It

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One of the most important tasks that a person can accomplish in a day is exercise. However, there are many people in the world that do not exercise on a regular basis. Bodies are something that need to be taken care of, or they really can stop functioning properly. It is true that most new years resolutions include losing the extra pounds, but taking care of a body is much more than just losing those extra pounds. This article will outline how to maximize results and address benefits of exercising regularly. 

How to Exercise

Obviously any exercise is better than no exercise at all. However, it is possible to maximize benefits from exercising. One of the keys to optimizing your exercise is by adding a variety of activities to your routine. This will ensure that the body does not get stuck on a plateau. Our bodies are incredible machines and can get used to the same old routine. So, keep it fresh and exciting by adding new exercising and changing things up. A good variety of weight training and different forms of cardio will maximize results.

Stress and Depression

The world that we live in today can break a person, or force them to their knees. The stresses that pile up can take a toll on a person. Anxiety and depression are becoming very common, and one of the best ways to battle stress, anxiety, and depression is through regular exercise. When we exercise our bodies release a feel-

good hormone called serotonin. This is the hormone that is primarily responsible for your happy mood. Exercise causes an increase in the release of this hormone. So, by exercising we give our bodies and mind a healthy dose of a natural feel good drug. 

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Health

Some of the most common diseases in the United States and Canada involve the heart and lungs. Obesity has become very common, and can be traced to a lack of exercise and poor diet. When a person is exercising they are going to be burning calories and fat. This is terrific news as excess fat can be a major factor in heart disease. Besides burning calories, exercise helps stabilize blood sugar and allows your body to function properly. Being a healthy weight and exercising regularly allows the body to run at its very best and helps maintain healthy glucose, insulin and leptin levels through optimization of insulin and leptin receptor sensitivity. 

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