3 Tips For Getting Your Child Used To Gym Daycare

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In order to get your child used to going to gym daycare, there are a few different things that you can do. This article will discuss 3 tips for getting them used to it.

Choose A Time When They Are The Most Comfortable 

One great way to help get your child used to gym daycare is to choose a time when they are going to be the most comfortable. This may be in the mornings when they are fresh and ready for the day, or after a nap when they have had time to take a midday rest and are ready to burn off some energy. You also may want to take into consideration the times that the day care is busy vs. the times when it isn't going to be very busy. For example, if your child does best with a small group of children, you will want to try and go at a time when the gym daycare isn't going to be very full. However, if your child loves being around a large group of kids to interact and play with, then bring them when the daycare is busiest. 

Explain To Them The Fun Activities That They Can Participate In 

Another great way to get your child not only used to gym daycare, but also really excited about going each day, is to tell them all of the fun activities that take place at gym daycare. You can explain to them that they are going to be given the opportunity to participate in games with the other children, such as relay races, group workouts for kids, and more. The gym daycare will also have other fun activities such as coloring, crafts, story time, and more. These activities are all things that your child will look forward to, and they are great for making the time go by quickly for them while you are working out. 

Go At The Same Time As Some Of Their Friends

If you have a friend that you usually get together with so that your children can have playdates, you can see if this friend wants to exercise the same time as you. This will allow your children to go to gym daycare together so that they aren't going to be alone. This will help them to feel more like it is just another playdate, rather than having them focus on the fact that they are in daycare and you aren't with them.